Remote follow spot control and automatic performer tracking

Follow-Me is a software solution to keep performers in the light with manual remote follow spot control as well as automated tracking.

Elliot Ingram


Follow-Me is independent: The Follow-Me software can be used with all fixtures that are able to pan & tilt. Once the system is calibrated with the stage and the fixture locations, you're able to follow performers to keep them in the spotlight. Our online product manual will guide you through the process. Learn more >



Follow-Me is flexible. With our software, you can use an unlimited amount of fixtures to track an unlimited amount of persons on the stage. Once set up, all the operators need to do for manual tracking is follow them with our rock-and-roll proof mouse consoles. To follow more persons, simply add more mouse consoles or Follow-Me TraXYZ tags. Learn more >



Follow-Me is affordable. Hanging operators in the truss will no longer be necessary. With a single Follow-Me system, you are able to follow multiple persons, saving a lot of extra costs. Follow-Me can at all times be upgraded to also track persons automatically using Follow-Me TraXYZ. Learn more >

Roland Greil (Woodroffe Bassett Design) and Eoghan Tansey (Neg Earth Lights),


"... We were looking for a versatile and reliable automated follow spot system, which allows us to use any fixture and related quantity that we want. Furthermore, another very important point was the reliability, especially for a show of that caliber..." - read more

Follow-Me is a software package that allows you to track people on stage.

Follow-Me allows users to assign an unlimited amount of fixtures from any manufacturer in any orientation to follow multiple persons from one operating system. The use of traditional spotlights often takes up a lot of space and also costs a bunch. The risk assessments from having to put followspotters in dangerous positions also take a lot of time.

With Follow-Me, these things are now in the past. Follow-Me can be used with any light that is able to pan and tilt from any manufacturer. No new specific moving heads are needed in your setup, resulting in further cost savings. A complete Follow-Me system barely takes up any space, and can thus easily be transported in a compact peli-case, reducing transport and logistics costs. 

The Follow-Me system has proven to be enormously reliable as remote follow spot control for a large number of shows. Our clients are especially satisfied with the flexibility of Follow-Me and the extensive Follow-Me team support.

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