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Manual and automated tracking in one scalable system

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Track performers manually and automatically using

At Follow-Me, we understand that precision is everything in the world of live entertainment. Our advanced performer tracking system utilizes state-of-the-art technology to keep your artists in the spotlight, no matter where they move on the stage.

With Follow-Me, the possibilities for creativity are boundless. Control lights that dance in sync with performers' movements. Integrate dynamic video elements that elevate storytelling. Share the positioning data with audio systems in real-time to create immersive experiences.

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FOLLOW-ME is an independent and flexible tracking solution that scales with the size of your show.



With Follow-Me you are able to merge and integrate with any lighting console, video, sound and automation system on the market. The Follow-Me system is independent from any fixture manufacturer, and is able to control any fixture that can pan and tilt.



Fixtures can be used not only as follow spots but also as general lighting and effects. Multiple fixtures can be allocated per performer using a single system. Live view of tracking area via the camera feed for both manual and automated operation. Switch seamlessly between manual and automated tracking.



From small-scale to grand productions, Follow-Me scales with you. Start with manual tracking and seamlessly transition to automated tracking as your production grows. Increase the number of mouse consoles or tags to track more performers. Extend coverage of your performance area simply by adding additional anchors.

Numerous performances have already been tracked using FOLLOW-ME

Follow-Me has been used to track some of the biggest names and productions in the entertainment industry. From global icons like Rammstein, Roger Waters, Beyoncé, Muse, and The Rolling Stones to mesmerizing theatre shows and thrilling theme parks, Follow-Me has left its mark on countless awe-inspiring performances.

From stadium concerts to intimate theatre productions, The Follow-Me system seamlessly scales to match the creative ambitions of any event.


"We were looking for a versatile and reliable automated tracking system, which allows us to use any fixture in any quantity that we want. Furthermore, another very important point was the reliability, especially for a show of that caliber. It gave us all the needed versatility combined with reliability and a second to none support from the Follow-Me team."

Roland Greil, lighting designer using Follow-Me on Rammstein & Genesis

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