Independent, Flexible, Affordable

Follow-Me is an independent affordable network based software package that requires no proprietary hardware. Follow-Me allows  the user to assign unlimited fixtures from any manufacturer in any orientation to multiple targets from one operating system. Where traditional methods of using FOH or truss mounted follow spots impose costs and rigging implications, Follow-Me offers a cost saving, quick to implement alternative.

Console Intergration for creative freedom,   Supports all standard moving lights,  No sensors or belt packs,   No proprietary hardware,   Motion control integration, PSN communication

Follow-me is a manual tracking system. There’s no sensors or belt-packs involved. Each performer (target) requires an operator and Follow-Me allows each operator to assign unlimited fixtures from any manufacturer in any orientation to their target. Multiple targets can be utilized from one machine (Mac). Via a control channel Follow-Me allows full fixture control to be returned to the console. All fixtures patched in Follow-Me can be assigned to any target.

Follow-Me setup

Follow-Me Hardware: Camera Mounting Box, Serial Adapter, Mouse Console, Fader Console

External Hardware: Recent Mac of any model, Black magic Ultra Studio Mini Recorder, Marshall Camera

Who we’ve followed

(and many more…)
Katy Perry – Radiohead – Fall Out Boy – Def Leppard – Avenged Sevenfold TPi – Cher – Jess Glynne – Suede – The XX – Lorde – Thomas Rhett – Jason Aldean – Red Bull Battle – Glastonbury Festival – Land Rover – Pinkpop Festival – Neil Diamond – Timbiriche – Dance Dance Dance – Danish Music Awards – Country Music Awards – Lowlands Festival – Heineken Corporate Event – Junior Eurovision Song Contest – Train – Chance the Rapper – Stormzy – BMW Corporate Event – The Voice of Holland – Ladies of Soul – Volbeat – The Killers – Pink – Stereophonics TPi – Lorde – Shania Twain – Guus Groots – Pearl Jam TPi – Jochem Myjer – Justin Timberlake – Ozzy Osbourne – Rea Garvey  
…It´s amazing that you can use any fixture.The support is very fast and helpful.The setup is very quick and easy.
For the festival I used only just a power cable upstage, or downstage, in the roof and a small place at the housetruss for the Camera, and a networkcable or DMX Cable, that’s it, to use any Fixture as a follow from the house rig

‘…Alleine der Gedanke das man jedes Movinglight benutzen kann als Follow, macht Follow-Me schon sehr interessant. Auf einem Festival sich einfach aus der Front ein, oder zwei Movinglights in das System zu patchen und diese dann als Follow zu nutzen, ohne grossen Aufwand, macht das System sehr smart. Ich kann mir auch vorstellen das System in Zukunft auf kleineren Touren zu benutzen, da das komplette Setup, was benötigt wird in ein normales Pelicase passt und somit in jeden Nightliner…’

Christian Glatthor - Lighting Designer Rea Garvey


‘…Follow Me is potentially one of the most innovative products in a while! While not being tied to any specific fixture or location it opens up a new realm of performer tracking that wasn’t possible before.

Follow Me allows for seamless control transition of any fixture in the system and allows you to change this, say wash lights tracking for a song or a verse, then right into the hard edge fixtures! No other control system allows the stability, efficiency and costs that Follow Me delivers. I can’t say enough about the team, also being lighting professionals, they understand the needs and demands of the product and are open to new and challenging projects! The most recent implementation was an arena end stage, thrust and two FOH stages. Follow me was able to transition seamlessly from end to end of the arena and accomplish this coverage with 3 operators and 40 fixtures! Sweet!…’

Robb Jibson - Production Designer Fall Out Boy, Train, Chevelle

‘… I was looking for a solution to avoid hanging large unsightly spot chairs etc in the rig and wanted flexibility of fixtures which led me to the Follow-Me system. It has even allowed us to successfully attempt ideas like using moving head Phenom lasers to track the band for a very cool moment in the show…’ TPi
Steven Douglas - Lighting Designer The Killers


…The system is rock solid, and being able to choose our own xture (Robe BMFL) was great. The setup and training from Follow-Me was excellent..!’ TPi
Seth Rapaport - Lighting Designer Neil Diamond


‘...The ability to assign multiple fixtures to spot duties and then release them when not required is awesome. The system worked fabulously from an aesthetic, financial, reliability, ease of use and above all safety point of view…’ TPi
Andi Watson - Production Designer Radiohead
…I have thoroughly enjoyed using the Follow-Me system on The XX “I see you tour”. It’s given me the opportunity to have follow spots rigged in positions I would normally not be able to put a conventional follow spot..’ TPi
Michael Straun - Lighting Designer The XX
…We took a system on tour and used it as FOH spots and had our Truck Drivers operate. It has been a massive success. Def Leppard now are 100% committed to Follow-Me…’ PLSN
Phay Mac Mahon - Production Manager Def Leppard
…Follow-Me spot system is a versatile and easy to use product for touring bands and theatre. I’m planning for future use of this great product as we hit the road again in 2018...’
Niller Bjerregaard Set - Lighting Designer Volbeat

‘… After comparing different systems Follow-Me was decided upon due to speed of set up, flexibility of lamp choice and not having to attach transmitters to the many different performers.The vision supervisor was delighted that we could store accurately levels for each performer and the Steady cam operator in particular was amazed that he could get much closer to the performer as the light was coming from a much better angle. Being able to use multiple fixtures allowed a much smoother and gentle key light without having to cover the entire stage in light…’ 
Nick Malbon - Lighting Designer Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2017
Follow-Me license

  • Controls unlimited fixtures from any manufacturer
  • Multiple targets per system
  • Single or multi camera system configuration
  • Small stage to stadium coverage
  • External console integration or stand alone
  • Fixture release to full external console control
  • Console control channel fixture to target assignment
  • Preset positioning
  • Continuous beam size functionality
  • Intensity from desk override
  • Follow-Me console mapping & midi mapping
  • Artnet & sACN* (*near future)
  • PSN Communication in / out
  • Automation integration
We also offer an entry level license
  • Entry Level Product: Maximum 3 fixtures, 1 target
  • Single camera
  • Single Target
  • Preset positioning
  • Intensity from desk override
  • Follow-Me console mapping & midi mapping
  • Artnet OUT only & sACN* (*near future)
Camera Mounting Box

  • Power con in 
  • XLR 5 for remote camera menu control 
  • Easy camera mounting with 360° ball joint head
Serial Adapter


  • Provides remote camera access for menu control
  • Connects directly to a Mac via USB
  • Offers console mapped exposure control
3D Mouse Console 

  • PoE connected from network switch
  • Ergonomic mouse controller for prolonged shows
  • Proportional control for accurate tracking
  • 2 mappable buttons & 2 mappable encoders
  • Target selection ID display
  • Desk light connectivity
  • 4 pole xlr out for fader board connection
  • LxBxH (mm): 196,79 x 128 x 57,34
Fader Console 

  • 4 – Encoders – 4 Faders  – 4 Buttons
  • Mappable fixture parameters / Follow-Me actions / Camera menu & exposure controls
  • Z height off-set mapping
  • Desk light connectivity
  • Connected from mouse console with 4pin xlr
  • LxBxH (mm): 196,79 x 168 x 65,16

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Follow Us

Follow-Me is a collaboration between Gary Yates & Erik Berends


Gary Yates has worked in the lighting / rigging side of the entertainment business for 25 years and is the founder of Keylight Wireless Event Lighting.

Erik Berends is owner of the company State Core. He has vast experience in developing new and innovative entertainment industry technical products used worldwide.


In 2013 the first version of Follow-Me was used by British band Suede to utilize moving heads remotely to follow their lead singer on request of their LD Jip Nipius. Since this date it has been used on subsequent Suede tours and many other productions.

Keylight & State Core have recognized the requirement for a cost effective, flexible &  easy to implement follow-spot solution and are proud to introduce Follow-Me to the industry.


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