Track performers anywhere they go with Follow-Me

Follow-Me is the ultimate solution for manual and automated performer tracking. With our advanced system, you can effortlessly track multiple performers with precision and ease, provide 3D positional data for audio and video, and use any fixture as follow spot. From theater to touring productions, Follow-Me offers unmatched flexibility and control.

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Seamless integration with Follow-Me

Follow-Me seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure. Merge and integrate with a lighting console of your choice, and send out Posi Stage Net (PSN) and Open Sound Control (OSC) data to 3D audio processors, video systems and media servers. Additionally, receive PSN data from automation systems.

Extending a Follow-Me 3D SIX system with Track-iT allows you to use both manual and auto tracking simultaneously, autonomously and as redundancy. As the automated tracking is based on Follow-Me 3D, the user has a live visual feedback of the automated tracking in action, next to providing a manual fall-back.

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Accurately track multiple performers with
Follow-Me performer tracking solutions

Any lighting fixture

Full 3D tracking

Multiple performers

Any stage layout

Merge & Integrate

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Follow-Me systems

Expand your Follow-Me with our range of systems, that include our software and dedicated hardware


  • Art-Net and sACN input and output
  • 3D performer tracking
  • Up to TWO performers
  • Up to twelve fixtures


  • Art-Net and sACN input and output
  • 3D performer tracking
  • Up to SIX performers
  • Unlimited fixtures
  • PSN & OSC integration
  • Upgradeable with Follow-Me Track-iT

FOLLOW-ME Track-iT System

  • Extend your Follow-Me 3D system
  • 3D automated performer tracking
  • Unlimited tags on high update rate
  • Scale up anchors based on venue size
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