Followed acts

Jess Glynne

Katy Perry

Childish Gambino

Lil Kleine

Neil Diamond


Jason Steel - Negative Space Ltd,
Design Director
Dancing with the stars New Zealand

I dont think anyone in the team really realized how well Follow-Me was going to impact on the show it exceeded all our expectations and gave us so much ability to make things happen. The software and hardware is so user friendly and our operators got the hang of it in the first day and really enjoyed not being in truss chairs any more.  - read more

Def Leppard

'...Another break from conventions of the past were seen in the follow spots, with the lighting crew opting to utilise Follow-Me’s remote spots system. Controlling a rig of 10 Robe BMFLs were four Follow-Me terminals assigned to two fixtures in the rig. The operators controlled the pan/tilt …

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Fall Out Boy

Robb Jibson - Production Designer - Fall Out Boy, Train, Chevelle: '...The most recent implementation was an arena end stage, thrust and two FOH stages. Follow me was able to transition seamlessly from end to end of the arena and accomplish this coverage with 3 operators and 40 fixtures! …

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Justin Timberlake

“The Follow-Me system is fantastic, and the support has been world class. It’s the best follow-spot tool I know of that’s fast, accurate and flexible. It’s easy to control any light in the rig at any time and makes lighting JT in this complicated show and large environment easy. I know its saved …

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Pearl Jam

'...For followspots, Knobel opted to join forces with Follow-Me. Due to all the automated elements, the LD needed a solution where any light could be used as a spot. Having used other remote follow spot systems, she is well versed in the technology. “But the Follow-Me system gives LDs a tool that …

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Ozzy Osbourne

'...Also in use is the Follow-Me automated spot system, distributed by AC Lighting. “We made a conscious decision not to put followspots on the show,” Cook says. “When you listen to the music, you hear these great moments of a drum solo into a guitar solo back to a drum solo and we didn’t want to …

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In 2013 the first version of Follow-Me was used by British band Suede to utilize moving heads remotely to follow their lead singer on request of their LD Jip Nipius. Since this date it has been used on subsequent Suede tours and are currently touring with Follow-me.

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