Coming soon: the Follow-Me iOS Application!

November 15, 2019 18:39

Very soon, we'll be releasing the Follow-Me iOS application that can be used in combination with the new Follow-Me 3D.

Not entirely sure about the position and orientation of your fixtures? No problem! Performing fixture position refinement can soon easily be performed using the Follow-Me iOS application, together with the new Follow-Me 3D. After focussing all fixtures on a few predefined places on your performance area, Follow-Me will calculate the fixture position and orientation automatically. This will make sure your performer is perfectly in the spotlight. Fixture refinement can be performed quickly using the easy-to-use Follow-Me iOS app.

With the iOS app, you’ll also be able to easily measure the locations of calibration points, fixtures and potential anchors due to laser measure integration. Recorded location info can quickly be transferred over to your Follow-Me system, making showfile creation much more efficient.

Come visit us at LDI Las Vegas booth 2346 for more information on Follow-Me 3D and Follow-Me TraXYZ!