Follow-Me TWO and SIX

September 24, 2020 09:30

From today, Follow-Me starts with TWO. We believe that one of the key points that makes Follow-Me a truly unique solution is the fact that with a single system you can follow multiple performers, only needing extra mouse consoles. This is the reason why from September 28 we are introducing Follow-Me TWO and SIX


With the introduction of TWO and SIX, Follow-Me 3D will per definition always be a multi-target system, providing customers the flexibility to follow at least TWO performers with our affordable entry level license. With the TWO license, you can run up to 12 fixtures through Follow-Me. With the SIX license, you will keep all the flexibility of the former 'Full' license, as it includes automation integration over PSN and the ability to extend the license with Follow-Me TraXYZ autotracking.

With the clear naming of TWO and SIX our goal is to clarify the amount of performers that can be followed with these licenses. An overview of the two licenses can be found below:

Art-Net in/out Art-Net in/out
3D performer following 3D performer following
Unlimited calibration points Unlimited calibration points
1-2 targets 1-6 targets
12 fixtures Unlimited fixtures
Motion control integration (PSN)
Autotracking upgrade option

Product packages

We will hereby also offer TWO and SIX packages fully customised to your wishes, assisted by the new product packages tool that can be found here. Simply indicate how many performers you wish to follow, indicate how many fixtures you want to use through Follow-Me and we will provide you with the optimal package.

Packages can always be customised based on customer wishes. If you need an extra Follow-Me Camera Set, or wish to exclude a Follow-Me Fader Console, this is not an issue at all. Prices will be modified accordingly.

If you have any questions or comments on the changes we've made, do not hesitate to contact us!

2020-08/112.078-fm-box-3d-two 2020-08/112.078-fm-box-3d-six