Follow-Me Serial Adapter

The USB Follow-Me Serial Adapter provides remote camera access for menu control in Follow-Me. With this product, you can now control camera menu to handle settings such as infrared mode and auto exposure from the Follow-Me software.

This is a perfect product to use together with the Follow-Me Camera Set. The Follow-Me Camera Set includes the Follow-Me Camera Box, a Marshall camera and 3 lenses. This is used to provide a camera image into the Follow-Me software for remote follow spot control.

Full control of your camera at all times

Handling all kinds of settings such as camera exposure, image mirroring and infrared can now be done from a distance with the Follow-Me Serial Adapter. 

No cherry picker is now needed to change camera settings. Just attach this product to a Mac with the Follow-Me software and to the Follow-Me Camera Set, and you'll be able to control camera parameters from within the Follow-Me software.

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