Follow-Me Lite Software License

This is the lite Follow-Me license for smaller shows. With this license, you are able to control a maximum of 3 fixtures from any manufacturer. With these fixtures, you are able to follow one person.

This lite license supports both single camera configuration. It can be used in combination with the Follow-Me Mouse and Fader consoles, where the mapping of those are done in Follow-Me.

The Follow-Me package has proven to be enormously reliable as remote follow spot control for a large number of shows. As can be read in many of the reviews, our clients are happy with the flexibility of the product and the extensive Follow-Me support.

Recommended retail price: €3500.-

A great package to get started

With this license, you are able to start following one person on stage with a maximum of 3 fixtures. At all times, this license can be upgraded to a Follow-Me Full License, with which you can utilize an unlimited amount of fixtures to follow multiple performers.

Follow-Me can be used with any light that is able to pan and tilt from any manufacturer. No new specific moving heads are needed in your setup, resulting in further cost savings. A complete Follow-Me system barely takes up any space, and can thus easily be transported in a compact peli-case, reducing transport and logistics costs. 

Range of products

The Follow-Me software can be operated with our high quality and robust Mouse and Fader consoles. We also offer a camerabox and serial adapter to get the most out of the Follow-Me software. These products were specifically designed for Follow-Me, to let the technicians and operators have the best experience with our software. Press the button below to view a typical system set-up, including its connections to each other.