The Follow-Me Package

Coming soon: The Follow-Me Package consists of every product you need to get started to follow two persons at your show, with only the iMac being excluded. The Follow-Me package has proven to be enormously reliable as remote follow spot control for a large number of shows. As can be read in many of the reviews, our clients are happy with the flexibility of the product and the extensive Follow-Me support.

All you need to get started

This package consists of everything you need to get started with Follow-Me, including two mouse consoles to manually follow two persons on the stage. The package also consists of a Marshall CV502-MB camera as well as a BlackMagic Mini Recorder, to get the camerafeed right into the Follow-Me software. The full package is as follows:

* A Full Follow-Me Software License
* 2 Follow-Me Mouse Consoles
* 1 Follow-Me Fader Console
* 1 Follow-Me Camerabox
* 1 Follow-Me Serial Adapter
* A Marshall CV502-MB Camera
* A BlackMagic Mini Recorder
* A PoE Switch

These materials can be easily connected to each other as to create a Follow-Me setup. Press the button below to find a visualization of a typical setup.

Follow-Me is flexible. Based on your specific show, you might need less or more materials. Get in touch with us so we can propose a custom solution for your project. 

Independent, Flexible and Affordable

Follow-me is in essence a manual tracking system. Each performer (or: target) requires an operator and Follow-Me allows each operator to assign unlimited fixtures from any manufacturer in any orientation to their target. Multiple persons can be followed from one machine. Via a control channel Follow-Me allows full fixture control to be returned to the lighting console. All fixtures patched in Follow-Me can be assigned to any target. With the Follow-Me package anyone can start following people with any moving heads that are able to pan & tilt. 

We are independent, unreliant on manufacturer of fixtures. We are flexible, in a sense that you can always add more fixtures and more targets to our system. We can also help you with providing a perfectly customized solution specifically for your show. We are affordable, allowing you to save lots of money on follow spotters and/or new fixtures.

The package can also be extended with Follow-Me TraXYZ, where persons can be automatically tracked with the Follow-Me software.

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Freedom of choice

Customers of Follow-Me are cable to customise their own system in such a way that it matches the needs of the client and/or production, in terms of size, flexibility and costing. The flexibility and freedom to build your own set-up is a huge advantage to the user. Prices of these sets are indicative, excluding VAT, import duties and cables. The prices might vary based on:

  • Different regions and countries
  • Price increases from suppliers
  • Number of performers that need to be followed will determine the number of Follow-Me Mouse Consoles and monitors that are needed
  • Additional choices such as Follow-Me Fader Consoles
  • The choice of having an active back-up computer (recommended). Follow-Me software is delivered with a back-up license code and it is up to you whether to have a second computer on stand by or not
  • Choice of Mac computer.

Get in touch with us so we can propose a custom solution for your project.

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