TraXYZ Extension

Soon available: Follow-Me TraXYZ. With Follow-Me TraXYZ, the Follow-Me system is transformed to an automated tracking solution, with the advantage of not needing operators to manually follow the performers. 

The performers wear small trackers and multiple fixtures can be assigned to follow the performers through automated tracking. By adding a TraXYZ server to a Follow-Me system, you have the advantage of a clear screenview as a visual reference of the performers at all times and the possibility to manually take over control if needed.

This is an extension on top of the Follow-Me software. If you have any questions regarding the use of autotracking for your show, please get in touch with us so we can propose a custom solution for your project.

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High quality tracking sensors

With Follow-Me TraXYZ, high quality tracking sensors are used to communicate the location of a person to the Follow-Me software. The coordinates that person are then sent to the anchors hanging around the stage, and the information is then used to calculate the moving head angles and zoom as to keep the person in the spotlight.

The sensors have a clip on the back, so they can be easily attached to a person's pocket or belt. Two sensors attached per person should be perfect to keep a person in the spotlight. These sensors have a long battery life and can be charged using Micro-USB.

Anchors retrieving the position information

Anchors are used around the stage that retrieve continuous information of the position of a person at all times. The amount of anchors that are needed for a specific show depends on the size of the stage.

Please get in touch with us with specific information on your stage and show so we can propose a custom solution for your project.

The show must go on

We believe that autotracking is only possible with a back-up in place, this due to the fact that the show must always go on. Since this is an extension to Follow-Me, you are able to take back manual control of the lights at all times.

If the artist to be followed would forget to put on his sensors, he will still remain in the spotlight as long as the operator follows him simply with one of our Follow-Me mouse consoles