Follow-Me TraXYZ

With Follow-Me TraXYZ, the Follow-Me system is transformed into a hybrid automated tracking solution, with the advantage of automatically tracking multiple performers with a single system. The Follow-Me TraXYZ system is based on Ultra Wide Band (UWB) radio technology. 

The performers wear small trackers and multiple fixtures can be assigned to follow the performers through automated tracking. By integrating a Follow-Me TraXYZ server to an existing Follow-Me system, you have the advantage of having fall-back options at all times, as well as having a live view from the stage to monitor the auto-tracking process.

Follow-Me TraXYZ has an accuracy of <10 cm. It works indoor, outdoor, and there are no issues with direct sunlight and smoke. The system is scalable - both in the covered area and in the number of tags you want to use to follow performers. TraXYZ makes use of a smart motion-based fixture stabilization algorithm, guaranteeing the performers to be in the spotlight.

TraXYZ tags

With Follow-Me TraXYZ, high quality tracking tags are used to communicate the location of a person to the Follow-Me software. The location of the performer is calculated together with anchors hanging around the performance area. This information is sent to the TraXYZ server that connects with the base Follow-Me system. Follow-Me then changes moving head pan, tilt and zoom to keep performers in the spotlight.

The tags are made to be small and light, so that they can be worn conveniently in or under the performers' clothing. Besides persons, they can also be put on specific objects that can be tracked, such as drones.

The tags can be easily attached to a person's pocket or belt. Two tags are attached per person to keep a performer perfectly in the spotlight, making sure that there is always line of sight with anchors around the performance area. These tags have a long battery life of max 5.5 hours and can be charged using the included TraXYZ charging kit.

Anchors retrieving the positioning information

Anchors are placed around the performance area that retrieve continuous information of the position of a person at all times. The amount of anchors that are needed for a specific show depends on the size of the performance area. 16 anchors can cover a performance area up to 50m x 50m.

The anchors can be mounted easily and quickly with the specially designed anchor mounts. Just a single Power over Ethernet cable is needed for power and offloading. A TraXYZ anchor set-up can typically be done within 30 minutes. 

TraXYZ charging kit

At least one TraXYZ charging kit is included in Follow-Me TraXYZ. It is a modular kit that fits 10 tags in its standard configuration. To charge TraXYZ tags, the tags can simply be placed in its placeholders, after which they are charged using magnetic connectors. 

The LED lights on the charging kit indicate charging progress. Due to its size and weight, it can easily transported using the handle on the kit.

TraXYZ brochure and technical specifications

Follow-Me TraXYZ variants

Follow-Me TraXYZ comes in two variants: an On Stage version, and a full version.

The On Stage version allows 2D position tracking of a maximum of 5 performers. This version comes with 10 TraXYZ tags and 12 anchors to send positioning information to the server.

The full version allows 3D position tracking of a maximum of 10 performers. Performers are tracked in full 3D - even drones can be tracked at all times. The full version comes with 20 TraXYZ tags and 16 anchors to send positioning information to the server.

If you have any questions regarding the use of auto-tracking for your show, please get in touch with us so we can propose a custom solution for your project.

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Fallback options

We believe that autotracking is only possible with a back-up in place, this due to that tags can always be forgotten by the performer or tags can not be placed due to outfit limitations. As Follow-Me TraXYZ integrates with the classic Follow-Me technology, you are always provided with fallback options, taking back manual control of the lights whenever this might be needed with our Follow-Me Mouse Consoles

With Follow-Me TraXYZ, you are always provided with a live view from the stage, with which you are able to monitor the auto-tracking process.