FOLLOW-ME 3D & Track-iT System

  • 3D manual performer tracking
  • Use with TWO or SIX License
  • Use with any fixture type of any brand
  • Art-Net and sACN input and output
  • Extend your Follow-Me 3D system
  • 3D automated performer tracking
  • Unlimited tags on high update rate
  • Scale up anchors based on venue size

FOLLOW-ME 3D system license options & iOS app

Follow-Me 3D TWO license

Follow up to 2 performers with 12 fixtures.

Follow-Me 3D SIX license

Follow up to 6 performers using unlimited fixtures

iOS Follow-Me Assistant Application

Utilize Follow-Me’s laser measure integration to the fullest.

FOLLOW-ME 3D system hardware

Follow-Me Rack Server

Integrate Follow-Me in your server rack

Follow-Me Mouse Console

Follow any performer using the Follow-Me software

Follow-Me Fader Console

Enhance parameters through the Follow-Me software

Follow-Me Camera Set

Providing you with an overview of the performance area

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