Follow-Me is a remote follow spot control system that integrates easily into any lighting infrastructure. Where traditional methods of using FOH or truss mounted follow spots impose costs and rigging implications, Follow-Me offers a cost saving, quick to implement alternative.

Using a single Follow-Me system, with just one camera, you are capable of following multiple performers with multiple fixtures each. Performers can either be tracked manually using the Follow-Me Mouse Consoles, or be tracked automatically using Follow-Me TraXYZ.

Any fixture

In Follow-Me, you can use any fixture as a follow-spot. As long as your fixture is able to pan & tilt, Follow-Me can control it*.

Unlimited fixtures

With a single system, you can utilize an unlimited amount of fixtures as a follow-spot. Switching over the whole rig to your lead performer is not an issue.

Multiple performers

You can follow multiple performers with a single system. All you need is extra mouse consoles or TraXYZ tags to follow more performers.

Any stage layout

Follow-Me utilizes a 3D mesh on which performers are followed. This can be used to easily map any stage, including its height differences.

Merge & integrate

Follow-Me can be merged and integrated with all lighting consoles and automation systems. Follow-Me works with PSN, Art-Net and soon with sACN. Read more on merging

*Results depend on the physical limits of your chosen fixture.

Follow-Me Licenses

Follow-Me 3D TWO

  • Art-Net in/out
  • 3D performer following
  • Unlimited calibration points
  • Up to two performers
  • 12 fixtures
You can always upgrade to the Follow-Me 3D SIX license

Follow-Me 3D SIX

  • Art-Net in/out
  • 3D performer following
  • Unlimited calibration points
  • Up to six performers
  • Unlimited fixtures
  • Motion control integration (PSN)
  • Autotracking upgrade option

Follow-Me 3D new features

Follow-Me 3D 2019 features

#1 - 3D Mesh
Follow-Me can now be used for any stage lay-out. Heights and size of the stage do not matter. You can now use an unlimited amount of calibration points in our new 3D mesh editor, making Follow-Me suitable for both simple and complex shows.

#2 - Fixture position refinement
The position and orientation of fixtures can now be registered with great accuracy. This will make the beams very precise on your performers, making sure that they are in the spotlight wherever they go on stage.

#3 - Camera calibration
In Follow-Me, camera calibration is now used to always display a crosshair with much higher accuracy. Calibration points can now be projected to their corresponding location on the video screen. Heights are no longer an issue for crosshair visualisation, as the camera is now calibrated with the performance area.

#4 - Laser measure integration
Measuring of the stage is now much easier due to the Leica laser pointer integration. Measurements performed with the Leica S910 can be directly communicated through to Follow-Me, simplifying the set-up of your mesh.

#5 - iOS application
Performing stage measurements is made much easier with the use of the Follow-Me iOS application. This is an easy-to-use application allowing you to set up your Follow-Me showfile efficiently. Sync your phone with the laser and with Follow-Me afterwards to sync all your measurements.

Follow-Me TraXYZ

TraXYZ provides you all the benefits of our regular Follow-Me software, with the addition of tracking performers without any operator needed. TraXYZ allows the automatic tracking of performers, providing the performers with small tags that communicate their positioning information to Follow-Me TraXYZ.

Follow-Me TraXYZ is a hybrid tracking solution. It includes Follow-Me technology to provide fall-back options and ease-of-integration of existing systems of the user. At all times, you are provided with a live view from the stage and tracking process, and you’re able to take back manual control at all times if needed.

Follow-Me TraXYZ is available in an On-stage version and a Full version: with the On-stage version you're able to follow performers or objects in a 2.5D space, where the Follow-Me mesh is used to determine on-stage height differences. The full version allows you to follow performers or objects in full 3D, where the artist or object can also be followed off-stage or whilst they're flying.

Follow-Me TraXYZ: On Stage

  • 2.5D position tracking
  • 1 TraXYZ server
  • 1 Follow-Me license
  • 10 TraXYZ tags
  • 1 TraXYZ charging case
  • 12 TraXYZ anchors
  • Follow up to 5 performers

Follow-Me TraXYZ

  • 3D Position Tracking
  • 1 TraXYZ server
  • 1 Follow-Me license
  • 20 TraXYZ tags
  • 2 TraXYZ charging cases
  • 16 TraXYZ anchors
  • Follow up to 10 performers

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