The Follow-Me Package

Follow-me is a tracking software. Each performer (or: target) requires an operator and Follow-Me allows each operator to assign unlimited fixtures from any manufacturer in any orientation to their target. Multiple persons can be followed from one machine. Via a control channel Follow-Me allows full fixture control to be returned to the lighting console. All fixtures patched in Follow-Me can be assigned to any target. With the Follow-Me package anyone can start following people with any moving heads. The system is calibrated by measuring 9 x/y/z calibration points on the stage, as well as the x/y/z positions of all fixtures.

Follow-Me needs the following to function correctly:

  • A camera placement option providing Follow-Me with a top-down overview of the stage;
  • A stage with no massive height differences, as Follow-Me allows for only 9 calibration points;
  • A functioning network;
  • A recent iMac or Mac mini.

If you can provide us with more information on the show and the stage, we are happy to analyse it for you so we can advise you on whether Follow-Me is the correct solution for you.

Cost reducing and barely taking up any space

Use of traditional spotlights is often takes up a lot of space and also costs a bunch. The risk assessments from having to put followspotters in dangerous positions also take a lot of time. With Follow-Me, these things are now in the past. Follow-Me can be used with any light that is able to pan and tilt from any manufacturer. No new specific moving heads are needed in your setup, resulting in further cost savings. A complete Follow-Me system barely takes up any space, and can thus easily be transported in a compact peli-case, reducing transport and logistics costs. Follow-spotters can now stay seated in a safe area backstage, instead of having to go up in dangerous positions for multiple hours.

Also, if you want to follow more people, the software has you covered. All you need is another Follow-Me Mouse Console, so you can follow an unlimited amount of persons with one system. Thanks to the network-based structure, multiple 3D mouse consoles can be integrated into the system via network cables and controlled live by a corresponding number of operators. 

‘... Follow Me allows for seamless control transition of any fixture in the system and allows you to change this, say wash lights tracking for a song or a verse, then right into the hard edge fixtures! No other control system allows the stability, efficiency and costs that Follow Me delivers. I can’t say enough about the team, also being lighting professionals, they understand the needs and demands of the product and are open to new and challenging projects! The most recent implementation was an arena end stage, thrust and two FOH stages. Follow me was able to transition seamlessly from end to end of the arena and accomplish this coverage with 3 operators and 40 fixtures! Sweet! …’

Robb Jibson - Production Designer Fall Out Boy, Train, Chevelle

Three license types

For the Follow-Me software, we have three kinds of licenses. With the full license you are able to control an unlimited amount of fixtures on an unlimited amount of targets.

Lite License Lite+ License Full License
Number of fixtures

3 fixtures max

4 fixtures max

Number of targets 1 target 1 target Unlimited
Camera support 1 camera 1 camera 1 camera

External console integration or stand alone

✔️ ✔️ ✔️

Preset positioning

✔️ ✔️ ✔️

Artnet in / out

out only ✔️ ✔️

PSN Communication in / out

Unlimited Follow-Me team support ✔️

Simple, reliable and scalable

Setting up and using Follow-Me is easy. The software is able to store the X, Y and Z values ​​of the moving lights and the stage - data that can be determined in no time or taken from CAD drawings or visualizations. The system works live and works absolutely fluently and realistically through the control of human operators. An operator receives the complete overview via the camera fed directly into the software. The control of the so-called "target"-cross is done via the own Follow-Me Mouse Console, which consists of encoders and buttons to be mapped to any certain action. Additionally, Follow-Me Fader Consoles are available to for example control height offset or gobo's. All Follow-Me hardware products were developed under the aspect of absolute touring ability.

‘… After comparing different systems Follow-Me was decided upon due to speed of set up, flexibility of lamp choice and not having to attach transmitters to the many different performers.The vision supervisor was delighted that we could store accurately levels for each performer and the Steady cam operator in particular was amazed that he could get much closer to the performer as the light was coming from a much better angle. Being able to use multiple fixtures allowed a much smoother and gentle key light without having to cover the entire stage in light …’ 

Nick Malbon - Lighting Designer Junior Eurovision Song Contest

To an existing Follow-Me system you can always add more moving heads, add more mappings and also add certain extensions such as TraXYZ autotracking.

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By merging with the light control desk, the position can be recorded and tracked live by the Follow Spot operator. All other data comes from the console operator. The specially designed fixture for the Follow-Me software allows the desk operator to specify for each cue exactly who has control of the moving lights and their channels. This saves budget especially for smaller productions, because the Moving lights used are not blocked by the Follow-Me control, but can be fully integrated into the light show at any time. For more complex shows with moving elements Follow-Me has a motion control integration and the PSN protocol.

Merging options visualized

TraXYZ extension

With Follow-Me TraXYZ, the Follow-Me system is transformed to an automated tracking solution, with the advantage of not needing operators to manually follow the performers.

The performers wear small tags. Multiple fixtures can be assigned to follow the performers through automated tracking. By adding a TraXYZ server to a Follow-Me system, you have the advantage of a clear screen view as a visual reference of the performers at all times and still the possibility to manually take control when preferred.

This is an extension on top of the Follow-Me software. If you have any questions regarding the use of autotracking for your show, please get in touch with us so we can propose a custom solution for your project.

If you have any questions regarding our products, please do not hesitate to contact us!