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Lighting Design – Jip Nipius
Follow-Me operator – Gary Yates

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DanceDanceDance-serie 2

Lighting Design – Bas De Vries
Follow-Me operators – Flashlight

DanceDanceDance cropped 3

Guus Groots

Lighting Design – Marco Driessen
Follow-Me operator – Mike Driessen

Guus cropped 3


Lighting Design – Niller
Lighting Supplier – Neg Earth

Volbeat Seal the deal cropped


Jess Glynne

Design – Cassius Creative
Lighting Supplier – Neg Earth

Jesse Glynne cropped compressed

The Voice

Lighting Design – Bas de Vries
Lighting Supplier – Flashlight

Voice 1 compressed cropped

The XX

Lighting Design – Michael Straun
Lighting Supplier – Neg Earth

The XX

Cost effective

Follow-Me is a cost effective Art-Net based calibration software package that utilizes moving lights as follow-spots. Where traditional methods of using FOH or truss mounted follow spots impose cost and rigging implications Follow-Me offers a cost saving, quick to implement alternative.


Not only can Follow-Me be used to follow one or more performers with multiple moving heads but individual fixture selection offers the additional functionality of preset positioning for solo’s and surprise performances.


Follow-Me offers a range of advantages over traditional follow spot usage. Lower labor costs, freedom in lamp positioning, improved follow-spot angles, eliminating kill seats, offering accurate timing for color bump cues, following performers with gobo effects or color chases. Follow-Me also solves weight issues on smaller roofs where typical truss seats Inc. operators are too heavy or deep to implement.

Easily implemented

Follow-Me benefits lighting designers- technical producers and event planners anywhere performers require illumination and is easily implemented on touring productions, festival stages, TV studios and concert halls.


Rental and Sales

Follow-Me is available for rent, please contact us for purchase information.

If you want us to keep you in the loop, please click here so that we can update you on further developments.

Follow Us

Follow-Me is a collaboration between Gary Yates & Erik Berends


Gary Yates has worked in the lighting / rigging side of the entertainment business for 25 years and is the founder of Keylight Wireless Event Lighting.

Erik Berends is owner of the company State Core. He has vast experience in developing new and innovative entertainment industry technical products used worldwide.


In 2013 the first version of Follow-Me was used by British band Suede to utilize moving heads remotely to follow their lead singer on request of their LD Jip Nipius. Since this date it has been used on subsequent Suede tours and many other productions.

Keylight & State Core have recognized the requirement for a cost effective, flexible &  easy to implement follow-spot solution and are proud to introduce Follow-Me to the industry.


c/o Keylight Wireless Event Lighting

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