Track performers anywhere they go using 3D

Using a single Follow-Me 3D system, track multiple performers with multiple fixtures each. Merge and integrate with a lighting console of your choice, or send out Posi Stage Net (PSN) and Open Sound Control (OSC) data to audio, video systems and media servers.














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FOLLOW-ME 3D allows you to accurately track multiple performers over a single system


Any lighting fixture

In Follow-Me, you can utilise any fixture as a follow-spot. As long as your fixture is able to pan & tilt, Follow-Me can control it. Use features such as Continuous Beam Size & Fixture Prediction to keep your artist in the spotlight. Easily assign fixtures to performers through Follow-Me or the lighting console.

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Full 3D tracking

Follow-Me 3D seamlessly caters to the unique needs of various performances, venues, and production setups. Track an artist in full 3D, generating 3D coordinates for all of your performers on stage. Adjust the Z-height of your performer using a fader on the Follow-Me fader console.


Multiple performers

From small-scale to grand productions, Follow-Me scales with you. Start with manual tracking and increase the number of mouse consoles to track more performers. The system is upgradeable with Follow-Me Track-iT to automate your tracking and track even more performers.


Any stage layout

Follow-Me 3D utilises a mesh on which the performers are tracked. This can be used to easily map any stage or performance area, including its height differences. Even the most complicated stages can be mapped in easily by inserting a 3D model. We are also able to map objects and even prevent fixture beams from hitting those objects.


Merge & Integrate

Follow-Me 3D can merge and integrate with all lighting consoles over Art-Net & sACN. The SIX license goes even further, providing Posi Stage Net (PSN) and Open Sound Protocol (OSC) data output to synchronise position data with audio, video systems, and media servers. It also accepts PSN data, enabling integration with automation systems for dynamic fixture position adjustments.


FOLLOW-ME 3D offers a variety of lighting features, including ...

Continuous Beam Size

Have the Zoom or Iris parameter calculated automatically to keep a consistent lighting beam size on the performer.


Have your fixtures react dynamically in its Intensity, Focus, Zoom or Iris based on the position of the performer on your stage.

Assignments & Presets

Program fixture assignments to targets using Assignments. Set predefined locations of your targets in advance using Presets.

Fixture prediction

Easily add additional fixture prediction to fixtures that are a little slower to react.

4-point calibration procedure

Simply measure out 4 points on your stage, and then perform the fast and simple calibration procedure.

Object masking

Mask any object such as video walls, trusses or a proscenium using object masking. Prevent any beam from hitting these objects and control this dynamically.

Control channels

Control Follow-Me 3D features through your lighting desk using Control Channels, including: Enable, Target assignment, Beam size, Prediction and more...

Fade @ flip

Have the fixture fade out automatically whenever it hits its pan limit. Customise fade and black times.

Intensity from desk

Have the lighting desk be in full control of the maximum intensity to your fixtures. Blackouts are in control of the lighting desk.

FOLLOW-ME 3D System licenses in one overview


  • Art-Net and sACN input and output
  • 3D performer tracking
  • Up to TWO performers
  • Up two twelve fixtures

You can always upgrade to the Follow-Me 3D SIX license


  • Art-Net and sACN input and output
  • 3D performer tracking
  • Up to SIX performers
  • Unlimited fixtures
  • PSN & OSC integration
  • Upgradeable with Follow-Me Track-iT

Follow performers automatically by adding Track-iT

Extending a Follow-Me 3D SIX system with Track-iT allows you to use both manual and auto tracking simultaneously, autonomously and as redundancy.

The innovative Track-iT system utilizes RF tags placed on performers, communicating with antennas across the performance area. Receive accurate positioning information, creating a powerful auto-tracking follow-spot system with access to all Follow-Me 3D SIX features.

Request an online demo now to see how Follow-Me performer tracking can enhance your show.