Follow-Me Track-iT

Follow-Me Track-iT is the next generation of Ultra Wideband (UWB) auto-tracking.

Follow-Me Track-iT allows you to track performers automatically. Performers wear compact trackers (tags) that communicate their position with the anchors that surround the area to be tracked in. Unlimited fixtures and other devices requiring positional data can be assigned to track performers. Track-iT’s positional data can be shared with third party systems over Posi Stage Net (PSN), for example for audio and video systems.

By integrating a Follow-Me Track-iT server to an existing Follow-Me 3D SIX system you have the advantage of having fall-back options at all times and the unique ability to monitor the tracking process live via the Follow-Me camera. Extending a Follow-Me 3D SIX system with Track-iT allows you to use both manual and auto tracking simultaneously, autonomously and as redundancy.

Follow-Me Track-iT is able to scale with your requirements. At all times you are able to add more tags to follow additional performers and if the size of your performance area increases, you can simply add additional anchors to expand the reach of the trackable area.


Automatic tracking with compact, lightweight tags

The tags are compact and light, so that they can be worn conveniently in or under the performers’ clothing. The tags can be easily attached to a person’s pocket or belt. Preferably and for redundancy purposes two tags are attached per performer, this improves line of sight between the tags and the anchors throughout the performance area. The Follow-Me Track-iT tags can be charged using the Follow-Me Tag Charger.

The Follow-Me Track-iT tag:

  • Is an UWB transceiver with integrated omni-directional UWB antenna and Motion Processing Unit.
  • Easily lasts a full show with a battery life of at least 6 hours.
  • Is quickly charged from empty to full over its USB-C port in approximately 1-2 hours.
  • Only weighs 18.3 grams.
  • Is fully certified in the United States (FCC) and European Union (CE).

Anchors that scale with your performance area

For optimal tracking quality, anchors are placed throughout the performance area that retrieve continuous information of the position of the tags on the performer at all times. The amount of anchors that are needed for a specific show depends on the size of the performance area. Track-iT is not limited in anchor amount. The anchors can be mounted easily and quickly with the specially designed anchor mounts. The Ethercon connectors are used to connect the anchors to a PoE switch, and the anchors can be daisy chained.

Since Follow-Me Track-iT is radio-frequency based, it has no issues with external influences such as direct sunlight, pyro and smoke. The system makes use of a smart small motion filters to have the spotlights stable on the performers.

The Follow-Me Track-iT Anchor:

  • Is an UWB transceiver with integrated omni-directional UWB antenna.
  • Can be daisy-chained to reduce cable lengths (Chainable POE 802.3af/at/bt)
  • Can easily be identified remotely showing useful color indications over its customisable LED indicators
  • Is clock-synchronised with all other anchors in a performance area greatly improving redundancy.
  • Weighs 571 grams.
  • Is fully certified in the United States (FCC) and European Union (CE).
Packshots Follow Me systeem in opdracht van Tango Design

Extend your Follow-Me 3D system with Track-iT

As Follow-Me Track-iT is able to integrate with Follow-Me 3D, you keep all of its functionality including:

  • 3D Mesh: Map your performance area and any objects into the 3D editor. Prevent fixture beams from hitting objects by using fixture masking functionality.
  • Continuous beam size: Fixtures will automatically adjust the zoom or iris size based on the position of the performer on stage.
  • Fixture prediction: Use fixture and target prediction for fixtures with slower pan/tilt motors.
  • Control channels: Allow you to control Follow-Me features through the lighting console, including target assignment, continuous beam size and fixture prediction.
  • Fixture refinement: Easily pinpoint the position and orientation of your fixtures using the fixture refinement tool.
  • Posi Stage Net: Send out performer positioning information to 3rd party systems over Posi Stage Net (PSN).

As Follow-Me Track-iT integrates with the Follow-Me 3D system, you are always able to follow both automatically and manually simultaneously, for example when the tags are not possible on a specific performer due to outfit limitations.

System based on your requirements

The Follow-Me Track-iT system consists of Anchors, tags and the Track-iT server. The amount of anchors and tags will be adjusted based on the requirements for your show.

If you have any questions regarding the use of Track-iT for your show, please get in touch with us so we can propose a solution for your project.