The Voice Kids

The Voice Kids


Follow-Me supplier: CUE

Follow-Me distributor: Molpass

Lighting designer: Sergio Cattaneo

Product used: Follow-Me 3D SIX system



Date: October 10, 2023

A success for CUE: the Milanese lighting design and production company recently invested in a new remote follow-spot system: Follow-Me 3D SIX, distributed in Italy by Molpass. CUE is a transversal company that aims at a sustainable and concrete design investing in people: “we think that light is that ingredient that is needed in every recipe to enhance the flavour…”.

 “We think Follow-Me is a very interesting hybrid product and this double possibility of use convinced us. We were very surprised by the infinite possibilities of synchronism that can be had with the console, a very important aspect, in our opinion, in today’s programming methods” says Sergio Cattaneo, founder, DOP and light designer of CUE.

 The Follow-Me 3D systems are independent, flexible and scalable, allowing remote manual tracking from 1 performer up to 6 performers; from 12 fixtures to unlimited fixtures within one modular system. Further to this performer and fixture scalability, Follow-Me 3D SIX systems are extensible: designed to allow the addition of Follow-Me auto tracking module, Follow-Me Track-iT, with its range of capabilities and functionality.  Follow-Me Track-iT allows operators to switch seamlessly between manual and auto tracking.  Enabling both the manual and auto tracking methods to be used autonomously, simultaneously and as redundancy, with a live video feed of the performance area through the Follow-Me system’s camera.

CUE’s Follow-Me 3D SIX system was used during the debut of three famous television formats filmed in Malta in January: The Voice Kids Malta, Malta’s Got talent and Malta Eurovision Song Contest. The lighting designer Sergio Cattaneo, needed to follow-spot (across the 3 shows) a total of 70 artists on a large stage of 40m plus a catwalk.  He chose to use the Follow-Me 3D SIX system to enable unlimited fixtures to be used as key lighting, effects and follow-spots, with control of 2 performers simultaneously.

“We decided to use Follow-Me instead of the usual follow-spots for a matter of operator convenience, especially on backlight and dynamism. Being in a fairly large studio (780 Moving Head) that hosts several productions, the fact of being able to work with Follow-Me allowed me to change the key light and follow-spots without moving towers layer or seats”.

The Follow-Me tracking system has worked perfectly with eventually assigning 120 moving heads rather than the 8 they started with. “We were (to begin) unsure about using a remote follow-spot system but with the Follow-Me system we really had a great time”. 

It was noted that appropriate pre-programming time needed to be allocated in the schedule however this preparation allows flexibility during live productions especially with assigning groups and merging with the lighting desk. When using a well prepared and setup Follow-Me system you have an indispensable follow-spot solution.  Cattaneo continues “In particular the strengths of Follow-Me have been found in the absolute dynamism and ease of communication with the console lights. We were also amazed at how well Follow-Me works on the Z axis, which is usually problematic (with traditional follow-spots).”

Cattaneo concludes that investing in Follow-Me is “A really positive experience, which was also aided by the responsive assistance (with both training and support), provided by Molpass and the Dutch manufacturer during the Christmas holidays. We are so pleased, that we have already ordered and received a second Follow-Me 3D SIX system.”

Interview Credit: Molpass

Translation: Follow-Me

© Max Russ