Jason Steel – Negative Space Ltd – Design Director

Dancing with the stars New Zealand


“This is our third year of doing this series in NZ and after using conventional follow spots for the past two we decided that we needed a better solution.”

“The studio that we shoot in isn’t a ideal space for follow spots with a roof trim of only 6m and having to compete for real estate with jibs and other set elements follow spot chairs or spot towers were just getting harder and harder and getting impossible to get shots without having shadows from ether steady cam or Jib.”

I don’t think anyone in the team really realized how well Follow-Me was going to impact on the show it exceeded all our expectations and gave us so much ability to make things happenThe software and hardware are so user-friendly and our operators got the hang of it on the first day and really enjoyed not being in truss chairs anymore.”

“Features like zoom Iris and focus calibration help so much in keeping a consistent light level across the dance floor something that was always challenging with conventional follow spots over a 25m deep dance floor. We used Quantum spots as our main source what worked really well and being a LED source meant we had nice smooth dimming.”

“Some drawbacks that we have been in contact with Follow-me, and glad to know that in the next software version we will be able to deal with more calibration points, especially with set elements it took a while for the guys to get used to the Y offset to deal with.”

We felt this show really push the limits of the system at the moment in terms of having such a low camera angle and such a deep dance floor made the workspace quite small but the results were still amazing. The Follow-Me Tech support was amazing and they were more than happy to assist. You really got the feeling they were 100% behind your show.”