Robb Jibson – Production Designer

Fall Out Boy, Train, Chevelle


“…Follow Me is potentially one of the most innovative products in a while! While not being tied to any specific fixture or location it opens up a new realm of performer tracking that wasn’t possible before…”

“Follow Me allows for seamless control transition of any fixture in the system and allows you to change this, say wash lights tracking for a song or a verse, then right into the hard edge fixtures! No other control system allows the stability, efficiency and costs that Follow Me delivers. I can’t say enough about the team, also being lighting professionals, they understand the needs and demands of the product and are open to new and challenging projects! The most recent implementation was an arena end stage, thrust and two FOH stages. Follow me was able to transition seamlessly from end to end of the arena and accomplish this coverage with 3 operators and 40 fixtures! Sweet!…”