iOS Follow-Me Assistant Application

Using the Follow-Me Assistant iOS application, you are able to fully utilize Follow-Me’s laser measure integration.

Connect the application to your Leica S910 DISTO laser measure device, and have the ability to retrieve the exact 3D location with regards to your origin point of any object right to your phone. Create measurement groups through the app, or receive fixture and calibration point names by synchronizing with Follow-Me.

Once you have measured all points and fixtures you wish to measure, simply connect your iPhone to the same network Follow-Me is on, after which you can synchronize all performed measurements straight into Follow-Me. The app will save you a lot of time in retrieving the dimensions of the performance area you are at. This will make the process of installing and calibrating your Follow-Me system even quicker and easier.

iOS App

Download for free

Download the Follow-Me Assistant app for free from the Apple App Store. Using the Follow-Me Assistant app, you are ablee to collect the locaton information of calibration points, fixtures and anchors in 3D space. To use this app correctly, you will need a stable WiFi connection, a licensed Follow-Me MacOS system and a Leica S910 laser measure device.

Download via the app store using the link below:

Follow-Mee iOS application