Pearl Jam

'...For followspots, Knobel opted to join forces with Follow-Me. Due to all the automated elements, the LD needed a solution where any light could be used as a spot. Having used other remote follow spot systems, she is well versed in the technology. “But the Follow-Me system gives LDs a tool that has never been available until now,” she enthused. She explained how the system gives LDs a chance to move away from the traditional ‘one fixture
to one operator’ paradigm, really opening doors for the designer. She continued: “I have to praise the team at Follow-Me. We were asking a
lot as they had to figure out how to use the real time data from the TAIT Navigator system to calculate where the lights were in space at any given moment on this fully automated rig. What they produced meant the fixtures could accurately follow when trusses moved positions or were in motion...” '

TPI Aug 2018